How to Join

Membership Options
Full Member (Lady / Gent)£395.00
Country Member (Main residence is out with 40 miles from the club) £230.00
2nd Club (Handicap elsewhere) £230.00
Mid week (Monday to Friday)£230.00
Youth (19 – 25) £110.00
Junior (under 18 at 1st Jan.) £25.00
Junior (8 and under) Free
Social Membership£20.00

Memberships available are all rolling memberships, this means that you are a member for a year from the day that you join.

Standing Order Payments are also available (please ask Treasurer for details)

Lockers are available at a cost of £22.00 per year.

200 Club numbers are available @ £12.00 per year. Drawn each month, prizes are £50.00, £30.00 and £20.00. Contact the treasurer to get a number.

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